Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Firm of Nicholas Taldone handles all forms of personal injury matters including auto accidents, slip and falls, and product liability claims. Mr. Taldone is passionate about his personal injury cases as he understands first-hand what they have been through. The firm offers a broad spectrum of services designed to achieve our client’s goals while guiding our clients through the legal, personal and financial challenges they inevitably encounter while their case is being vigorously pursued. Mr. Taldone will do his utmost to obtain fair and adequate compensation for your pain and suffering, but we make sure we treat you respectfully and considerately along the way. Our ability to untangle complex disputes and to communicate with judges, juries and adversaries in a clear, decisive, and straight forward manner is the cornerstone of our success. We value the close client relationships we develop and welcome our clients’ involvement in the process. In a nut shell, it is integrity, professionalism, responsiveness, and winning that are our ultimate goals.

The Law Offices of Nicholas Taldone understands that personal injuries resulting from auto or motorcycle accidents can be life-changing events. Mr. Taldone handles each personal injury case personally, and fights vigorously to obtain damages for his clients.After all, lawyers are the only people who should be giving legal advice. It is important to meet with an actual lawyer at all stages of your case to make sure that your rights are protected. The excellent service doesn’t stop when you sign a contract and become our client. At Law Offices of Nicholas Taldone, you are not just a file number. We try our very best to treat you like family. Throughout the entire process, you will be kept informed, you will receive emails and calls from Mr. Taldone and his paralegal, and you always have your questions answered promptly.

Insurance companies recognize the lawyers who will “go to bat” for their clients and “take it all the way.” Likewise, insurance companies also know which lawyers would rather settle a case, despite it being worth more than the insurance company’s “top offer.” Getting the best possible results for your case requires having a lawyer with a great reputation who is not afraid to take on the BIG insurance companies. We are not afraid to take cases to trial. This fact forces the insurance companies to take our demands seriously.

The insurance companies keep track of the lawyers who never take cases to trial, and as a result they often make lower, unfair offers to the clients represented by those lawyers. The Law Offices of Nicholas Taldone prepare every case as if it will go to trial even though the vast majority of cases do settle.

Mr.Taldone has personal experience in handling disability claims since several of Mr. Taldone’s family members’ professional careers were cut short by devastating diabilities.Mr. Taldone knows how to navigate the disability claims process whether under an individual policy or an employer group policy.

Legal issues may arise under property insurance policies on coverage of the policy, filing claims, claims processing, and claims denial issues, including litigation. The Law Offices of Nicholas Taldone assists consumers on such issues including damage claims arising from sinkholes, hurricanes, and fires. Once your claim is finalized, we will assist you to achieve your goal, whether it is repairing the damage or selling your damaged home or property.

Our Firm will perform a thorough analysis to determine whether sinkhole activity is responsible for damage to your home, business, or property, We utilize independent geologists and structural engineers to obtain the most accurate evaluation of the cause of your damage and use reputable firms to provide estimates on the costs of repair.


We work on a contingency fee agreement, which means that we are paid an attorney’s fee only when we are successful in achieving results for our clients.

We invite you to schedule a free confidential evaluation of your claim with this office by calling us at 727-375-0390 727-375-0390 or by submitting an intake form.