Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Injury Cases

Do I have a case

If you have been injured as a result of the reckless, negligent and careless actions of another party, you can file a personal injury claim for damages. Individuals, businesses and governmental agencies have a legal responsibility to act in a manner that does not place others at unreasonable risk of harm or injury. If a party acts negligently and causes injury to another person as a result, he or she can be held liable for damages. At our Florida law firm, a Miami injury lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim if you have been injured at the hands of another party. In the tragic event of a loved one’s death, we can also assist you in filing a wrongful death case?

How much is my case worth?

Every personal injury case is different. Personal injury law covers a variety of legal areas including

  • auto accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • product liability
  • premises liability
  • disability claims under solo insurance policies
  • disability claims under employer group policies
  • railroad and cruise ship accidents
  • What if I was partly at fault in the accident?

    If you were partly at fault, your burden of responsibility in the accident will be taken into account if and when we take on your case. Bearing part of the responsibility of the accident can limit the amount of compensation you obtain in a settlement or verdict, but it does not automatically eliminate your eligibility for compensation. Whichever party bears the brunt of the responsibility is responsible for compensating the victims for damages.

    How do I pay for the attorneys since I have no money?

    In the United States, we allow people to pay lawyers a contingency fee. This enables people who ordinarily cannot afford to hire a lawyer, who cannot afford to pay a fee up front, to hire an attorney who takes a fee out of the recovery at the end of the case.

    Why is this important? Because the other side, that is the defendant, will have its insurance company hire a law firm. All defendants we bring claims against — whether it is a cruise line, a grocery store, a doctor, a hospital or a person — have insurance. The insurance company pays the lawyers for the defendant. The insurance company will pay the lawyers and their law firm hourly. That is, the defendant’s lawyers will bill for every hour that every lawyer at that firm puts into the case. Their lawyers get paid to spend more time on the case. They have an incentive to spend as much time as possible on the case and even to drag it out — and they always do. We, on the other hand, have an incentive to get to the point.

    The lawyers on the other side of us only represent insurance companies or large corporations. They have ongoing relationships with all of these companies and represent these companies on a regular basis.

    Before you make any agreement or compromise with your insurance company, it is crucial that you contact a qualified attorney in order to discuss your rights and options. Call our offices today at 727-712-1400727-375-0390 for a free initial consultation and review of your situation in order to ensure that your rights are protected or complete the intake form.

    Who will pay for my legal representation?

    Our firm always accepts these cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not owe us any fees or costs for our representation of you unless we recover monies on your behalf. In cases where the insurance company has made an offer to resolve your sinkhole claim that you believe is inadequate, our compensation is based on any additional monies that we recover on your behalf. For example, if the insurance company offers you $10,000 to resolve your claim, our fees are based on a percentage of the amount over and above $10,000 that we recover on your behalf. Do not overpay for your legal assistance. Call our offices today at 727-375-0390727-712-1400 for a free initial consultation or complete the intake form.