Personal Injury- The Law Offices of Nicholas Taldone

The Law Firm of Nicholas Taldone handles all forms of personal injury matters including auto accidents, slip and falls, and product liability claims. Mr. Taldone is passionate about his personal injury cases as he understands first-hand what they have been through. The firm offers a broad spectrum of services designed to achieve our client’s goals while guiding our clients through the legal, personal and financial challenges they inevitably encounter while their case is being vigorously pursued. Mr. Taldone will do his utmost to obtain fair and adequate compensation for your pain and suffering, but we make sure we treat you respectfully and considerately along the way. Our ability to untangle complex disputes and to communicate with judges, juries and adversaries in a clear, decisive, and straight forward manner is the cornerstone of our success. We value the close client relationships we develop and welcome our clients’ involvement in the process. In a nut shell, it is integrity, professionalism, responsiveness, and winning that are our ultimate goals.

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