Philosophy of Nicholas J. Taldone

We view our clients’ place in the civil justice system something akin to “what’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this?” We will resort to the system as a last resort, but when that last resort must be taken, our clients deserve to have their claims staunchly handled in the most aggressive manner possible.

Similarly, we take no view as to whether a particular forum, say arbitration or the courts, is better than the other. In some situations, such as in disputes involving brokerage firms, investors have agreed to waive their rights to the courts and must arbitrate their claims. Arbitration is often a quicker path to a resolution and may offer a more even playing field for clients.

With regard to claims that may properly be filed in court, the clients’ views are often the product of TV and movies, where an entire case occurs in the course of an hour or two. In reality, court litigation often takes years, rather than months, to conclude. We educate our clients from the start as to what they can expect. We hate surprises and believe our clients do as well.

We understand that our clients are not familiar with the arbitration and litigation systems. No question is a bad one, and we encourage our clients to ask. We will respond to those questions promptly.